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"Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

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"I am Kira.”

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"Initially, the slightest thought of you occurs my mind within seconds. Tremendously, the bright silly smile of yours gets me blushing for minutes. Drastically, the giggly sound of yours lightens up my day through every hour. The beautiful movements of how you speak, it floats upon my mind to reminisce, your voice is a harmony within my ears, a sonata that’s perfectly composed as if it was Beethoven’s. The beauteous of your eyes staring at me with all clarity, begging for mine to stare back as I blush and look away, such sweet visions to remember, being wrapped up in my head. The smoothest touches you carry, I daydream of your palm against my face, your hands slightly among mine filling the spaces between my fingers, your fingertips drawing endless circles on my wrist till I start dozing off. The nonsense of our weary nights babbling till dawn, the endless discussions we go through right before yawning to sleep, almost dizzy I feel within each story you tell, yet it still captures me. I’ve always craved your existence near mine, just like a milky way craving to be noticed within a fog. I’ve hungered for such love you carry within that big heart of yours, for such care driven by frustration have made you fall into deep despair, knowing that distance hangs us apart. I gazed upon the stars each night, the silky smooth sky points out it’s shiny stars to notice, noticing a shooting star that has been sent out there for me to wish upon. I’ve wished for something bigger than the both of us, something worthy of our appreciation, something that keeps us tightly chained together. And for that hope is what I’ve wished for."

- Lillz, ” Hopeless Expressions “ (via resonatingthoughts1)


On Top Of The World And In The Depths Of Despair